Composite & Aluminum Baseball Bats


Built for the young and developing player, Louisville Slugger’s youth bats incorporate much of the same advanced technology of our other bat lines in proven designs and styles.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our youth bats.

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Three-Piece Composite Bat

Built with advanced technology unique to Louisville Slugger bats, the Attack represents the reinvention of the Louisville Slugger line. Its composite barrel and handle technology and patented three-piece construction give the Attack a lighter swing weight, dramatically reduced vibration and overall better feel.

Attack (-12) YBAT14-RR

Attack (-10) YBAT14-R5



C1C Composite Design

The Catalyst's C1C Composite construction is layered with toughened epoxy resin to make it not only a high-performing bat, but an extremely durable one as well. The Catalyst is topped off with the patented Louisville Slugger end cap that dampens vibration and traps that energy in the barrel to create explosive bat-to-ball contact.

Catalyst (-12) YBCT14-RR



Full Alloy Construction

The Assault is the most formidable one-piece bat in baseball. Made with super-strong ST+20 alloy, the strongest alloy available in baseball today, the Assault delivers the right mix of undeniable power and a lighter swing weight.

Assault (-13) YBAS14-RR


Assault (-10) YBAS14-RX



C1C Composite Design

The Warrior is one of the longest-running series of bats Louisville Slugger offers, and for good reason. The Warrior's one-piece frame is constructed using Louisville Slugger's 7050 alloy, providing a perfect combination of solid performance and hard-core durability. The Warrior's vibration-dampening end cap locks energy in the barrel to create explosive power on contact.

Warrior (-13) YBWR14-RR


One-Piece Design

When players are serious about winning, they reach for the Louisville Slugger Armor. The Armor's one-piece aluminum design is ideal for contact hitters and power hitters alike. The Armor's vibration-dampening end cap locks that vibration in the barrel to create a huge transfer of energy to the ball on contact.

Armor (-12) YBAR14-RR

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