Composite & Aluminum Bats

Built with every level of Fastpitch in mind, Louisville Slugger Fastpitch bats utilize the latest technology, most advanced material and most innovative thinking to produce bats that are stronger, lighter, more durable and better performing.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that sets Louisville Slugger’s Fastpitch bats apart from the competition.

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The First-Ever 3-Piece Bat

Introducing the first-ever three-piece Fastpitch bat! The LXT is built with Slugger’s patented TRU3 three-piece connection technology and a Pure 360 Composite Barrel. These give the LXT a lighter swing weight, dramatically reduced vibration and overall better feel.

LXT (-10) FPLX14-RR

LXT (-9) FPLX14-R9

LXT (-8) FPLX14-R8



Elite Fastpitch Bat

Built with advanced technology unique to Louisville Slugger bats, the Xeno features thinner, higher-strength walls for a lighter swing weight and a barrel to handle connection that creates a larger sweet spot and better overall feel.

Xeno (-10) FPXN14-RR


Xeno (-9) FPXN14-R9


Xeno (-8) FPXN14-R8


Xeno Tee Ball FBXN14-RR


Two-Piece Technology

Made from Pure 360 Composite material for thinner, high-strength walls and constructed as a two-piece bat, the M2 dramatically reduces vibration and improves feel on every hit. The M2 features a balanced swing weight for superior feel and control.

M2 (-12) FPM214-RR


Mendoza's Signature Bat

The Mendoza is the signature model of Olympic gold medalist and fastpitch all-star Jessica Mendoza. The Mendoza is constructed with a one-piece design made entirely from Louisville Slugger's C1C Composite, a precisely layered composite material to make the bat both high-performing and highly durable.

Mendoza (-13) FPMD14-RR


Superior Value for Every Skill Level

Built as a one-piece aluminum bat, the Quest has a bottle bat design to give it a larger sweet spot and greater ease of control.

Quest (-12) FPQS14-RR


Sturdy Construction and Powerful Performance

The Diva’s alloy construction and 2 1/4" barrel give it a sturdy construction and more power at the plate with every swing. The Diva is inspired by the same technologies that fuel some of the best bats in Fastpitch.

Diva (-11.5) FPDV14-RR

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