TRU3 Technology Patented

Revolutionary new connection technology strengthens the link between the barrel and handle of the Select 715 for better feel and dramatically reduced vibration.

100% Composite Handle/AC21 Alloy Barrel

A unique combination of a 100% composite handle and a barrel made from AC21 Alloy, the toughest alloy available in baseball today, creates a stiffer, stronger hit with every swing.

Flex Band

We inserted a 1”-wide graphite band into the Select 715 to keep the barrel’s walls thin and the swing weight of the bat as low as possible. The Flex Band also helps to give the Select 715 one of the biggest sweet spots in baseball.


Select 715 -3

Louisville Slugger


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Crafted to be the next generation of hybrid power, the Select 715 combines our patented TRU3 three-piece technology and hybrid construction to deliver powerful performance. This impressive bat features a massive sweet spot, dramatically reduced vibration compared to other bats, a solid feel, maximum barrel flex, and an explosive trampoline-like swing. Flex Band technology makes the Select 715 one of the lightest swing weights in its category. We’re backing the Select 715 with the 30-Day Performance Promise. If you’re not more confident in your swing in 30 days, send it back!

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