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When you’re serious about winning, reach for the bat that’s won more national college championships in the past decade than any other: Louisville Slugger TPX. Whether you’re swinging our aluminum, composite or hybrid bats, you’re swinging the best there is with Louisville Slugger.

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Vertex Vertex Senior -10 Youth -13 Tee Ball Exogrid 2 SeniorHigh SchoolSenior League -5 Omaha Omaha College Senior -10 Senior -10 Senior -5 Youth Tee BallYouth -13 Catalyst Senior -12 Senior -12 XL Youth Catalyst Warrior High School Senior League -9 Youth Tee Ball Attack Z-1000 Z-1000 High School/College Senior -10 Senior -8 Z-1000 Senior -8 Z-1000 Senior -12 Tee Ball