Baseball Gloves

Omaha Pro

The Omaha Pro series is made with unique, one-of-a-kind vintage leather, insuring that every glove is as unique as the player that wields it. Features exclusive Bruise-gard™ padding and extra-thick lacing to provide a tough, durable glove that’s ready for play right off the shelf.


Omaha Pro 13" FGOP14-BN130

Omaha Pro 12 3/4" FGOP14-BN127

Omaha Pro 12 1/2" FGOP14-BN125

Omaha Pro 12" FGOP14-BN120

Omaha Pro 11 3/4" FGOP14-BN117

Omaha Pro 11 1/2" FGOP14-BN115

Omaha Pro 11 1/4" FGOP14-BN112

Omaha Pro First Base Mitt FGOP14-BNFBM

Omaha Pro Catcher's Mitt 32 1/2" FGOP14-BNCM1

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