Baseball Gloves

Pro Flare

The Pro Flare series’ flare design provides a larger catching surface area and a flat, deep pocket that funnels the ball in and holds it tight.


Pro Flare 13" FGPF14-130

  • #FL1300

Pro Flare 12 3/4" FGPF14-127

Pro Flare 12" FGPF14-120

  • #FL1200

Pro Flare 11 3/4" FGPF14-117

  • #FL1175

Pro Flare 11 1/2" FGPF14-115

Pro Flare 11 1/4" FGPF14-112

Pro Flare First Base Mitt FGPF14-BKFBM

Pro Flare
Catcher's Mitt 32 1/2" FGPF14-BKCM1

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