Composite & Aluminum Baseball Bats

Senior League

Senior League baseball demands the very best of its players, so we supply them with the very best bat technology on the market. Developed using patented technology exclusive to Louisville Slugger products, our Senior League bats deliver a larger sweet spot, lighter swing weight and a better feel with every swing.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our Senior League bats.

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Two-Piece Composite Bat

Built with advanced technology unique to Louisville Slugger bats, the Attack represents the reinvention of the Louisville Slugger line. Its composite barrel technology and two-piece construction give the Attack a lighter swing weight, dramatically reduced vibration and overall better feel.

Attack (-8) SL13A


Attack XL (-10) SL13AXL


Exogrid 3

Hybrid – Alloy & Composite

Built for dominance in the batter's box, the Exogrid's one-piece construction and composite inserts for handle stiffness give it one of the largest sweet spots in baseball.

Exogrid 3 (-9) SL13EX


Exogrid 3 (-5) SL13EX5



Hybrid – Alloy & Composite

The Vertex's hybrid LS-2X Composite and AC21 Scandium Alloy design uses thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers to create optimal performance and added stiffness and durability. The Vertex's stiff handle gives your swing maximum trampoline effect and, ultimately, greater performance.

Vertex (-10) SL13VXL



C1C Composite Design

The Catalyst's C1C Composite construction is layered with toughened epoxy resin to make it not only a high-performing bat, but an extremely durable one as well. The Catalyst is topped off with the patented Louisville Slugger end cap that dampens vibration and traps that energy in the barrel to create explosive bat-to-ball contact.

Catalyst (-12) SL13C


Catalyst XL (-12) SL13CXL



Full Alloy Construction

We recently rebuilt the Omaha, our most popular bat, from handle to barrel to capitalize on design innovations and technology breakthroughs developed in-house at Louisville Slugger. The Omaha Balanced is built with superstrong ST+20 alloy to deliver the right mix of undeniable power and a lighter swing weight.

Omaha (-10) SL136


Omaha (-10) SL136XL


Omaha (-5) SL1365



C1C Composite Design

Every year, the Warrior is tested in battle and proves itself worthy. Its one-piece frame is constructed using Louisville Slugger's own 7050 alloy, providing players with a solid combination of performance and durability.

Warrior (-9) SL12W


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