Wood Bats

Not all wood bats are created equal. From our elite, new MLB Prime bats, the hardest wood bats we’ve ever produced, to our Pro Stock bats, built to the exact specifications of the pros, we use only the finest lumber and most innovative techniques to make players great.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our wood bats.

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MLB Prime

Elite Wood Bat

We hit the drawing board and looked at processes both old and new to build the next generation of wood bats. Cut from only the highest-quality veneer-grade wood on the market and forged to have no soft spots, the MLB Prime is the exact same bat the pros use. It’s also the hardest Louisville Slugger bat ever.

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MLB Hybrid

Advanced Three-Piece Technology

Louisville Slugger is proud to introduce the MLB Hybrid. No other wood composite bat looks, feels, sounds or performs more like a wood bat than this one. The two-piece Carbon Fiber Rod gives the MLB Hybrid incredible durability while the maple barrel gives the sound, feel and performance of a true wood bat.

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Lighter Weight, Harder Hitting

Birch brings together the best attributes of maple and ash, combining the close-grained stiffness and hardness of maple with the lighter weight and wider range of turning models of ash.

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Harder Hitting Surface

Maple's dense, hard timber makes it a powerful bat less prone to flaking and one, many players say, that improves their performance in the batter's box. Slugger maple bats are built for power and performance, and many of the MLB's biggest hitters prefer them.

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Strong Timber, Light Weight

A lighter, more flexible timber than maple, ash gives our bats a wider range of large barrel models and a larger, more forgiving sweet spot that results in less breakage. Ash is the timber of choice for many MLB sluggers.

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Maple Timber Bat

Maple is a dense, hard timber with greater surface hardness and a natural resistance to flexing. The M9 represents Slugger craftsmanship at its finest, building a hard-hitting, long-lasting wood bat for power players.

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Pro Stock

Built Like the Pros' Bats

Want to know why Slugger is the No. 1 bat in Major League Baseball? Take a swing with one of our Pro Stock or Pro Stock Lite bats, built to replicate the bats swung by all of your favorite players.

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Ideal for PRACTICE

Made from Northern White Ash and built with a foam core, wood fungo bats are ideal for coaches who hit a lot of fly balls and ground balls for their team. Its end-weight design and lighter overall weight mean you get more distance and speed with a lighter swing.

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For Developing Skills

Every player benefits from training. Our training bats are built to strengthen a swinger's core skill set and teach them the fundamentals in immediate, physical ways. These bats strengthen hands, wrists and forearms while teaching players bat control, the path of the swing and more.

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Tee Ball

Quality from the Beginning

Start your child on the right foot with our well-constructed, affordably priced tee ball bat, built from high-grade lumber. The natural finish gives the 125TB a classic Slugger look.

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Slow Pitch Bat

Slugger Power For Softball

Constructed from the best lumber available, the Louisville Slugger Slowpitch wood bat combines Slugger’s unmatched wood bat know-how with a design specifically crafted for the needs of the Slow Pitch player.

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