Wood Baseball Bats


Birch brings together the best attributes of maple and ash, combining the close-grained stiffness and hardness of maple with the lighter weight and wider range of turning models of ash.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our birch wood bats.

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MLB Prime Birch

Performance and Flexibility

Cut from the best-quality ash on the market and forged to have no soft spots, the MLB Prime is the exact same bat the pros use. The MLB Prime Birch bat combines the best characteristics of maple and ash, featuring a closed grain for a stiffer, harder barrel and the lighter weight needed to offer a wider range of turning models and big barrel options.

C271 – Black/Wine AFS 71CBE

I13 – White/Wine AFS 13CWW

C243 –Wine AFS 43CWN

Louisville Slugger

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