Maple Bats

Maple Bats

Baseball's biggest hitters choose maple for its harder hitting surface and greater durability. All bats are Amish process, compressed and cupped, and carry an ink dot and knob date.

MLB Prime

MLB Prime

We rebuilt our bats from the ground up with old-school methods and cutting-edge technology. We start with the best quality veneer wood on the market and use Amish square-cut craftsmanship, a 360 degree compression process superior to bone rubbing, and an advanced finishing system that guarantees 9H hardness – the highest rating available on the 21-level universal hardness scale.

  • MLB Prime –
    Veneer wood

    Slugger upgraded its superior lumber to the best quality wood on the market, which we call MLB Prime Veneer.

  • Amish

    We cut our wood square by hand, in the Amish style, and vacuum dry it to make for stronger bats and a more satisfying "crack."

  • 360 Degree

    Our exclusive compression process, superior to bone rubbing, guarantees 360 degrees of hardness and no soft spots.

  • Advanced
    Finish System

    Our filler fills all grains and cavities before 3 layers of topcoat seal are applied to give the MLB Prime the hardest finish of any wood bat on the market.

Ink Dot

Ink Dot

The ink dot marks the very best, tight grained maple timber, and signifies that a bat is certified for MLB play.


M110 Curtis Granderson

Louisville Slugger

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Swing the Bat the Pros Swing

For the first time ever, Louisville Slugger is offering the signature bats of the MLB's biggest stars to all players. Each bat is the exact same wood, finish and turning model used by the pros, right down to the signature – all built with our groundbreaking MLB Prime process. Superior lumber, Amish craftsmanship, 360-degree compression and an Advanced Finish System create a bat with a harder hitting surface, zero soft spots and a more satisfying "crack."

The M110 turning model is used by pros like Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees, a three-time All-Star and recent Silver Slugger Award winner. This turning model has a large barrel and 1" handle for a more balanced swing.

Louisville Slugger

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