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Maple's dense, hard timber makes it a powerful bat less prone to flaking and one, many players say, that improves their performance in the batter's box. Slugger's maple bats are built for power and performance, and many of the MLB's biggest hitters prefer them.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our maple wood bats.

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MLB Prime Maple

For Power Players

Baseball's biggest hitters choose maple for its harder hitting surface and greater durability. All bats are Amish processed, compressed and cupped, and carry an ink dot and knob date.

C271 – White AFS VMC271

C243 – Black/Natural AFS VMC243

H359 – Black AFS VMH359

I13 – Hornsby/Black AFS VMI13

MLB Prime Signature Series

For Power Players

For the first time ever, Louisville Slugger is offering the signature bats of the MLB's biggest stars to nonprofessional players. Each bat is the exact same wood, finish and turning model used by the pros, all the way down to the signature – all built with our groundbreaking MLB Prime process.

H359 Josh Hamilton GH359JH

M110 Curtis Granderson GM110CG

Adult Wood Bats

Superior Bats, Great Value

Louisville Slugger's adult wood bats are pulled from their original production line for some minor flaw that will not affect the bat's performance. These small production errors mean deep savings on superior bats ideal for practice, batting cages or even games.

125B HM125B

125N HM125N

110PK HM110PK

Youth Wood Bats

Dependable and Lightweight

Priced for every budget and built from dependable maple wood, youth maple bats have a greater surface hardness and are less prone to flaking.


125YWC Walker MLB125YWC

M9YC – Wine/Black MLBM9YC


Maple Timber Bat

Maple is a dense, hard timber with greater surface hardness and a natural resistance to flexing. The M9 represents Slugger craftsmanship at its finest, building a hard-hitting, long-lasting wood bat for power players.

M9 C271 M9C271BHC

M9 M110 M9M110BNC

M9 S318 M9S318N

M9 I13 M9I13B

M9 H359 M9H359BL

M9 D195 M9D195S

MLBM9YBH – Black/Hornsby MLBM9YBH

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