TRU3 Technology Patented

Revolutionary new connection technology strengthens the link between the barrel and handle of the LXT bat for better feel and dramatically reduced vibration.

S1iD Technology

S1iD Technology

Aluminum inner discs allow for a flexible, more forgiving barrel, a larger sweet spot and a cleaner pop with every hit. S1iD guarantees your bat gives maximum performance, right out of the wrapper. Patent pending.

LS-2X Composite Barrel Technology

100% Composite Design

Using thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers gives us the ability to add more layers of strength while reducing the overall thickness of the barrel’s wall.


LXT -8

Louisville Slugger

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The most powerful bat in Fastpitch returns! The LXT is built with Louisville Slugger’s patented TRU3 three-piece connection technology and a 100% Composite design. These give the LXT a lighter swing weight, dramatically reduced vibration, performance right out of the wrapper and overall better feel.

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