Baseball Gloves

For over 129 years, Louisville Slugger has been honing its craft in providing baseball players with the absolute best equipment for every position on the field. Built with the same care and precision as our bat line, Louisville Slugger fielding gloves use premium materials and innovative techniques to answer the needs of every position on the field.



Customize Your Evolution

Show your colors by customizing your Evolution. Build your glove from the ground up by choosing colors, size, webbing and more.

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Slugger's Elite Handmade Glove

The Evolution is Louisville Slugger's elite glove, handcrafted from premium American steerhide into patterns used by top professional players. A perforated palm pad provides an enhanced feel, while extra-wide alum tanned laces give these gloves unfailing durability.

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Handmade Power

Handmade, Icon gloves (available in both baseball and softball patterns) are built for the elite players, with American steerhide and extra-wide laces for ultimate durability. A perforated palm lining provides an enhanced feel and the best fit possible.

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Pro Flare

Pro Design, Better Catch

The Pro Flare series' Flare design provides a larger catching surface area and a flat, deep pocket that funnels the ball in and holds it tight.

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HD9 Hybrid

Lightweight, Extra-Tough

The HD9 Hybrid series is built with a revolutionary leather/mesh construction that gives it the same zero-gravity performance and light weight of professional gloves with the durability of leather.

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Omaha Flare

Long-Lasting Shape and Comfort

The Omaha Flare series is designed to combine our top-grade, oil-treated leather with the flare design most preferred by collegiate and professional ballplayers alike. Our special treatment ensures the Omaha Flare has a long-lasting shape and a much longer life span than the competition.

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Omaha Pro

Built for Protection

The Omaha Pro series represents a combination of our best professional-grade leather combined with exclusive Bruise-gardâ„¢ padding and extra-thick lacing to provide a tough, durable glove that's built to endure season after season while protecting your hand.

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Omaha Select

For the Transition Player

A young ballplayer training to become a serious ballplayer needs a serious glove to match him. The Omaha Select series is designed with the transition player in mind, and with its lightweight cowhide leather and superior feel and fit, your young player can show everyone what he's got.

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125 Series

Strength and Durability

Built for superior feel and an easier break-in period, the 125 Series is constructed with extra-tough dye-through lacing and genuine steerhide leather to provide unmatched strength and durability while wicking away perspiration with our Slugger Touch finger lining.

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Perfect for Any Discipline

We combined premium-grade buffalo leather, Bruise-gardâ„¢ padding and extra-soft palm lining to make the Dynasty the perfect glove for players of any diamond sport.

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Ready to Play Right Away

When your young ballplayer is ready to go right now, the Genesis is waiting for him. Built from top-grade buffalo leather and extra-soft palm lining, the Genesis will keep your youth player's hand protected right off the shelf.

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