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2012 Featured Products

Welcome to Louisville Slugger's 2012 New Product Media Gallery. For links to Adobe Acrobat PDF files of each item's press release, along with low-and high-resolution color images of each product, click on the product name. Should you encounter any difficulty with any of the files, please contact Kate Killian at (502) 815-3255 or via e-mail at kkillian@doeanderson.com.


BBCOR Press Release - The Sweetest Spot! NEW
BB12Z Z-1000 College/High School NEW
BB12EX2 Exogrid 2 College/High School NEW
BB126 Omaha College/High School NEW

Training Bats

TRBWY Training Bat NEW
P89B Training Bat NEW
TRB22Y Training Bat NEW
TRB18B Training Bat NEW

Youth Baseball Bats

YB12EX2 Exogrid 2 (-12) NEW

Fielding Gloves

FL1300SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Outfield 13"NEW
FL1200SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Pitcher/Infield/Outfield 12"NEW
FL1175SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Infield 11 3/4"NEW
FL1154SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Pitcher/Infield 11 1/2"NEW
FL1151SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Infield 11 1/2"NEW
FL1125SS Silver Slugger Pro Flare Infield 11 1/4"NEW
SSCM Silver Slugger Pro Flare 32 1/2" XL Catcher's MittNEW
OPRO1300 Omaha Pro Outfield/Softball 13"NEW
OPRO1275 Omaha Pro Outfield/Utility 12 3/4"NEW
OPRO1250 Omaha Pro Outfield/Utility 12 1/2"NEW
OPRO1200 Omaha Pro Pitcher/Infield/Outfield 12"NEW
OPRO1175 Omaha Pro Infield 11 3/4"NEW
OPRO1154 Omaha Pro Infield/Pitcher 11 1/2"NEW
OPRO1125 Omaha Pro Infield 11 1/4"NEW
OPROFB Omaha Pro First Base Mitt 13"NEW
OPROCM Omaha Pro 33 1/2" Catcher's MittNEW
XH1275XX HD9 Hybrid 12 3/4" OutfieldNEW
XH1175XX HD9 Hybrid 11 3/4" InfieldNEW
XH1150XX HD9 Hybrid 11 1/2" Pitching/InfieldNEW
XH1125XX HD9 Hybrid 11 1/4" InfieldNEW

Fastpitch Softball Bats

FP12X Xeno (-10)NEW
FP12X9 Xeno (-9) NEW
FP12X8 Xeno (-8) NEW

Slowpitch Softball Bats



BLWL Ballistic Wheeled Locker Bag NEW
BLPLB Ballisitic Wheeled Player Bag NEW
BLOGB Ballistic Oversized Gear Bag NEW