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LOUISVILLE, KY (July 6, 2010) – When the 2010 Major League Baseball® All Star Game® is played in Anaheim next week, the city of Louisville will be very well represented.  That’s because Louisville Slugger®, the Official Bat of Major League Baseball, is making bats this week for most of the position players on the rosters in next week’s big game.  For perspective, MLB® has approved more than 30 bat makers to supply its players this season.

“Louisville Slugger continues its incredible 126 year run as the preferred bat in professional baseball,” said Louisville Slugger Professional Baseball Manager Chuck Schupp.  “We’ve made bats for players in every MLB All Star game ever played and this year is the 81st.  It’s a source of pride for our company as well as for our hometown.  While Louisville may not have a Major League team, our city is very well represented on every Major League club as most players swing Louisville Slugger bats.”

The Louisville Slugger bat factory in downtown Louisville is making 2 - 3 bats for nearly two dozen position players in the 2010 All Star Game.  Every bat is made to the exact specifications each player desires.  The bats will be shipped directly to Anaheim so players don’t have to be concerned with bringing bats they’ve been using during the season.

Players who will swing Louisville Slugger bats in the 2010 All Star Game are:

American League                               National League
Derek Jeter – Yankees                       Hanley Ramirez -  Marlins
Alex Rodriguez – Yankees                 Matt Holliday - Cardinals
Evan Longoria – Rays                        David Wright – Mets
Josh Hamilton – Rangers                   Andre Ethier – Dodgers
Carl Crawford – Rays                         Jason Heyward – Braves
Vladimir Guerrero – Rangers             Brian McCann – Braves
John Buck – Blue Jays                       Brandon Phillips – Reds
Dustin Pedroia* - Red Sox                 Martin Prado – Braves
Ian Kinsler – Rangers                         Troy Tulowitzki* - Rockies
Vernon Wells – Blue Jays                   Omar Infante – Braves
Ty Wigginton – Orioles                       Scott Rolen – Reds
Michael Bourn – Astros

Louisville Slugger will likely be making additional All Star Game bats depending on which two players are selected for the final roster spots in the A.L. and N.L.  The Final Vote for the last two spots is being held on mlb.com until 4:00 p.m. ET Thursday.  As of today the Reds’ Joey Votto and the Yankees’ Nick Swisher lead their respective leagues for the finals spots.  Both players swing Louisville Slugger bats, as do other highly regarded candidates Paul Konerko, Kevin Youkilis, and Ryan Zimmerman. 

*Pedroia and Tulowitzki are on the DL and will not play.

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