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The #1 Bat in MLB® Hits It Out of the Park… Again!

LOUISVILLE, KY – (February 22, 2012) Louisville Slugger continues to enrich baseball history and tradition by signing two of Major League Baseball’s hottest players today, as well as a star of the future.  Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees, Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers and Cesar Puello of the New York Mets recently entered into exclusive bat contracts with Louisville Slugger, the Official Bat of Major League Baseball® and the #1 bat in the MLB®.

“We’ve made great bats for 128 years,” said Pro Baseball Business Manager Chuck Schupp who personally handles every professional player relationship.  “But we don’t rest on those laurels.  Our goal is to make history every season, so we’ve upped our game in 2012 and have improved on our already high quality with select Amish maple, veneer maple and harder finishes.”

Granderson, Cruz and Puello all swing Louisville Slugger M9 maple.  Granderson uses an M110 model that’s been used by some of the greatest hitters of all time, including Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly.  Cruz swings an I13L model, used by players like Pudge Rodriguez and Evan Longoria.

“We’ve worked with Curtis Granderson and Nelson Cruz for some time and have gained their confidence,” Schupp said.  “They’ll be stepping into the batter’s box this season with our new veneer maple, the highest grade maple available anywhere.  They know in their hearts and minds that we are providing them with the best product available, the bat they need to be at the top of their games.”

Louisville Slugger has been making the number one bat in baseball since 1884.  The storied company has been part of more baseball history than all other companies combined.  Louisville Slugger continues to help MLB players make history  today and every day, now with even higher quality wood and innovative production processes.

More than 60 percent of today’s MLB players swing Louisville Slugger bats. 

“Signing Granderson and Cruz, two players who made such a huge impact last season, is very important for us,” Schupp said.  “They were swinging our bats last season and have decided to officially join the long list of current stars, Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers to be under contract with Louisville Slugger.  Again, it’s because they have complete confidence that we’ll provide them with the product they need to succeed today and into the future. ”

Curtis Granderson had an amazing year in 2011 while swinging his Louisville Slugger M9 maple M110.  He was first in the AL in runs with 136 and first in RBI’s with 119.   He belted 41 HR’s and also won a Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger Award.

Nelson Cruz will forever be remembered for his extra-inning grand slam to win Game 2 of the ALCS. Cruz was named 2011 ALCS MVP with six homers and 13 RBI’s, both major league records for a postseason series, while swinging his M9 maple Louisville Slugger bat. He had 29 HR’s, 87 RBI’s and hit .263 in 124 regular season games.

Cesar Puello is ranked as the number three prospect for the Mets, according to Baseball America, and could make his debut with New York this season.  When he does he’ll be swinging a signature Louisville Slugger M9 maple bat.

In addition to Cruz, the company also recently announced the signings of two other Rangers stars to bat contracts, outfielder Josh Hamilton and 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler.  More than 80 percent of the hitters in the Baseball Hall of Fame were under contract with Louisville Slugger.

About Louisville Slugger®

Louisville Slugger® is the Official Bat of Major League Baseball® and the #1 bat in the MLB®.  It is synonymous with America’s pastime.  Originating in 1884, Louisville Slugger bats have graced the hands of the greatest players in baseball, including stars of today.  Known for creating baseball history, Louisville Slugger continues to innovate and provide players the products and confidence they need to make new history every day.

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