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Leaders team up to provide the best product in the game

Pittsburgh, PA (September 26, 2012) – ProGrass LLC, a leader in synthetic turf, has partnered with the best name in baseball – Louisville Slugger – to deliver “Slugger Turf.”  “Slugger Turf” is a 5-tool synthetic turf system that is scientifically designed for America’s pastime.  It gives users the feel of playing on natural grass in a durable synthetic turf system.

ProGrass, created the Slugger Turf 5-tool synthetic turf system by using two different pile heights for the fiber and three different infill mixtures.  Together, these create a turf that replicates a natural baseball field’s look and playability.  The fiber, working with the infill combinations, truly controls the speed of the ball off the bat and eliminates bad bounces.  It’s the baseball turf to beat; providing durability, performance, aesthetics and feel – all in one package!

“ProGrass has used feedback from coaches around the U.S. to develop the ideal synthetic surface for baseball,” said Vice President of Sales, Todd DeWolfe. “We used that feedback and our scientific testing to create a product that simulates the look, feel and playability of a top-notch grass and clay baseball field.”

ProGrass is a certified member of the Synthetic Turf Council, uses in-house installation crews and incorporates ISO 9001 quality manufacturing to guarantee the best product and installation available.

“We won’t cut corners and we want great quality everywhere we go,” stated DeWolfe.  “I think that goes hand in hand with teaming up with Louisville Slugger, the leader in the baseball industry.  Both of us simply do things the right way.”

Nationwide, ProGrass has designed and installed baseball and softball fields for all types of users.  The word is spreading fast among those who want the feel of natural grass, but also want synthetic, to call ProGrass.  That is why the partnership is a win-win for the top programs in the country.

“Louisville Slugger is all things baseball, that’s’ why we’re eager to enter this partnership with ProGrass,” said John Hillerich, CEO of Hillerich & Bradsby Co., Louisville Slugger’s parent company.  “Being part of the first synthetic turf that plays like a natural field is a natural for our company.  Louisville Slugger is history and tradition combined with cutting-edge technology to help bring enjoyment to those who play the greatest game ever invented.”

Slugger Turf

About ProGrass 
ProGrass has the industry’s longest history of private ownership in the United States with in-house installations of over 500 fields nationwide. All staff, sales, administration, project managers, installers and maintenance professionals believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Our quality products and expert construction services are the main ingredients that guarantee our customer satisfaction.

For more information on ProGrass, please visit their website at www.prograssturf.com or contact 1-866-270-6003.

About Louisville Slugger®
Louisville Slugger® is synonymous with baseball and softball.  It is the leading brand in diamond sports.  The company makes the #1 Bat in Major League Baseball, bats that are swung by the best of the best – Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto, Curtis Granderson and David Wright among hundreds of other current MLB stars.  They’ve all joined in Louisville Slugger’s storied history to become part of a “Slugger Guy” fraternity that includes the greatest hitters to ever step up to the plate – Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, George Brett, Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey Jr., to name just a few.  Louisville Slugger also makes industry-leading equipment for youth, high school and college players.  It sponsors top-level NCAA Division I baseball programs, including the 2012 National Champion Arizona Wildcats.

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