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LOUISVILLE, KY (November 2013) - Fastpitch players who buy elite bats should be in love with them. The way the bat feels on contact with the ball. Its pop as a liner screams into the gap or a home run sails over the fence. That satisfying sound filling the ballpark when she’s hit the ball on the screws.

Of course, every hitter and every swing is unique. And every elite bat doesn’t feel right to every player. But Louisville Slugger® is so sure hitters will love its new LXT™ elite Fastpitch bats that the storied and innovative company has created the Louisville Slugger 30-Day Performance Promise.

Here’s how it works. Once players buy an elite Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch bat with new TRU3 Technology, they have 30 days to try it. If they don’t truly love what TRU3 does for their game, they can send the bat back for a full refund.

“We’re so sure hitters will love everything about our new TRU3 industry-first three-piece bats that we’re willing to take them back if they don’t,” said Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Business Manager Jennie Ritter. “Anyone who buys an LXT can return their bat within 30 days of purchase and get their money back if they’re not completely satisfied with the bats’ performance. That’s Louisville Slugger’s 30-Day Performance Promise.”

For more information on the 30-Day Performance Promise, the elite Louisville Slugger bats that are part of it and a video on the new TRU3 Technology, go to www.slugger.com/tru3-promise


The Louisville Slugger LXT has more technology than any Fastpitch bat in history. It’s the first-ever three-piece bat, made possible by Louisville Slugger’s revolutionary and patented TRU3 Technology, creating the most advanced and reliable bat on the market.

“Our three-piece LXT is a first in diamond sports,” Ritter said. “No other bat maker has the patented technology to create a three-piece bat and provide the benefits that LXT brings to the field for the beautifully powerful athletes who play this great game.”

It didn’t happen overnight. The LXT with TRU3 Technology has been three years in the making, from Louisville Slugger’s R&D lab to testing in the field with players at all levels. Now the balanced-swing-weight LXT is ready to rock the Fastpitch world.

LXT innovation starts with the revolutionary and patented TRU3 transition technology – creating Fastpitch softball’s first-ever three-piece bat: 1.handle, 2.barrel, 3. socket with rubber interface – a hard connection between the barrel and handle. These three pieces fused together create truly incredible trampoline spring and a strong link between barrel and handle. They also eliminate stinging vibration to help hitters accelerate through impact.

“Patented TRU3 technology joins the handle and barrel together with a stronger socket, giving you a true feel with every hit,” Ritter said. “A strong link between the handle and barrel means maximum sting elimination on those off-sweet-spot hits, while still allowing hitters to feel if they hit it true. Positive feedback and even more trampoline off the barrel add up to the best-feeling bat you’ve ever swung.”

LXT also brings back Louisville Slugger’s innovative S1iD (Swing 1 inner disc) technology – made popular in XENO and other bats. S1iD means the LXT is at maximum performance from swing one, meaning there’s no break-in period. S1iD creates a flexible, more forgiving barrel, huge sweet spot and cleaner-sounding pop with every hit.

And the Louisville Slugger LXT is constructed with patent-pending PURE 360 composite, using thinner, high-strength, lightweight graphite fibers for more layers and added strength to reduce the thickness of the barrel wall and provide more pop.

“Less weight. Great balance. Huge sweet spot. More pop. It’s a formula for awesome performance and durability,” Ritter said. “We believe that having confidence at the plate is one of the most important tools you bring to your game, and we’re sure Fastpitch players will have the confidence they need with the LXT. That’s why we’re offering the TRU3 30-day Promise.”

Top 25 college programs like Missouri, Kentucky, LSU, Louisiana-Lafayette, Florida State, Texas A&M, Louisville, Hofstra and Stanford, among others, are swinging the LXT this fall and in 2014 on the road to conference championships and trips to Oklahoma City for the national championship.

“Players at our college programs are in awe of the LXT,” Ritter said. “It has pop from the very first swing. The ball flies off it, and it feels great.”

LXT is available in -8, -9 and -10 weights. Lengths vary from 30 to 34 inches. The bat retails for $349.99 and is available at sporting goods stores, diamond sports specialty shops, and on-line bat and sporting goods retailers.

About Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger® is synonymous with baseball and softball. It is the leading brand in diamond sports. The company makes the #1 Bat in Major League Baseball, bats that are swung by the best of the best – Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto, Curtis Granderson and David Wright, among hundreds of other current MLB stars. They've all joined in Louisville Slugger's storied history to become part of a "Slugger Guy" fraternity that includes the greatest hitters to ever step up to the plate – Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, George Brett, Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey Jr., to name just a few. Louisville Slugger also makes industry-leading equipment for youth, high school and college players. It sponsors top-level NCAA Division 1 baseball programs, including the 2012 National Champion Arizona Wildcats.

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