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LOUISVILLE, KY. - Not since St. Louis Brown Stocking first baseman Charles Waitt donned the first documented baseball glove in 1875 has there been such a revolutionary development in infield technology than the new Flare Design gloves from Louisville Slugger®. The innovative Louisville Slugger TPX® Flare Design Type-F premium fielding gloves are revolutionizing infield play, improving players’ defense by design, from the scoop to the release. Just ask current major leaguers Chone Figgins, Jhonny Peralta and Juan Uribe who are already flashing the leather with Flares from Louisville Slugger.

How can this new design change be revolutionary? The Flare Design provides a larger catching surface than same-sized gloves from other companies, providing increased range and exit ease for grab-and-release throws and double play precision. The gloves have a flat, deep pocket for sure stops and extra-wide lacing for added strength. The combination of advanced technology and top-grade, oil-infused Horween leather gives the Flare Design gloves unmatched durability with ultra-quick break-in.

Since its debut in 2007, the Flare Type-F premium fielding glove exploded to become the fastest-growing infield pattern in professional and collegiate baseball.


One of the most important qualities of Louisville Slugger’s ongoing research and development efforts to improve its products is receiving input from customers. In response to Louisville Slugger and TPX’s discussions with Major League Baseball players, product developers found that many of the best infielders in the game were breaking-in their gloves using a curious technique. Instead of the traditional method of tying the glove surface around a ball to create a deeper pocket, many infielders were doing just the opposite --- they were actually pressing the pocket outward and flaring the fingertips back, creating a more flat, open surface.

Louisville Slugger’s designers developed the Flare Design Type-F premium fielding gloves to provide these players a game-ready glove fulfilling the need for a larger catching surface and easy exchange to the throwing hand.

This revolutionary advancement in glove design is already being used by a number of Major League Baseball players and is now available for professional, collegiate and adult players everywhere. With TPX Flare Design Type-F fielding gloves from Louisville Slugger, every infielder can make plays with Flare.

The Type-F gloves come in nine different models with a variety of designs. The FL1300 is a 13-inch outfield model with conventional open back and pro trap web. The FL1275 is a 12 ¾-inch model with conventional open back and single post/double bar webbing.

The FL1200 is a 12-inch pitcher, infield and outfield model with conventional open back, “Checkmate” web design and a cushioned finger cot. The FL1176 and FL1177 are both 11 ¾-inch pitcher/infield models with conventional open backs. The FL1176 has a two-piece closed web and cushioned finger cot while the FL1177 includes a suspension web.

The FL1151 is an 11 ½-inch pitcher/infield model with conventional open back and a suspension web.

Three Flare models fashioned after those worn by current Major League Baseball players are also available in the 2008 line from Louisville Slugger. The FL1175CF is an 11 ¾-inch infield model with conventional open back and H-web that is the same pattern used by Chone Figgins.

The FL1150JP is an 11 ½-inch model with conventional open back and I-web pattern used by Jhonny Peralta.

The FL1125 is an 11 ¼-inch model with conventional open back and single post/single bar webbing used by Juan Uribe.

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