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LOUISVILLE , KY (October 8, 2008) – Louisville Slugger® created stiff handle, large sweet spot composite/alloy hybrid bats when it introduced the popular Exogrid® to baseball. The Exogrid was named baseball product of the year in 2007 and ended up becoming the game’s most popular bat.

Now Louisville Slugger is back at the plate with another stiff handle, large sweet spot composite/alloy hybrid bat for top-level hitters. But this time it’s in fastpitch with the new 2009 TPS H2 Hybrid®.

"The H2 Hybrid’s exclusive design creates a lighter handle transition which means a longer barrel and bigger sweet spot," said Louisville Slugger product developer James Sass. "The H2 Hybrid builds off the success we had in baseball with Exogrid. It became baseball’s leading bat and the choice of the best hitters."

The H2 Hybrid, with its industry leading ST+20 alloy barrel and 3-X composite handle, seamlessly provides the outstanding performance of a 1-piece stiff handle design.

The move to a full 100 percent graphite composite design in the transition area, from handle to barrel, allows for a handle that’s extra stiff because graphite is lighter and stronger than aluminum.

A stiff handle produces more barrel flex, resulting in maximum trampoline effect and, ultimately, outstanding performance.

"The last thing you want at the moment of contact is for your bat handle to flex," Sass said. "When the handle flexes, the barrel can’t. That reduces trampoline effect. The H2’s stiff handle produces maximum barrel flex for the power all fastpitch hitters seek."
And the barrel’s ST+20 alloy provides outstanding strength and toughness to produce the performance, feel and sound that top fastpitch players demand.


Serious fastpitch players have learned that stiff handled bats are better than bats with handles that bend. Stiff handles mean power and performance, the very reason the majority of Major League Baseball® players today choose stiff handle maple bats over pliable ash. Louisville Slugger TPS’s stiff handle bats create more barrel flex, resulting in maximum trampoline effect and outstanding performance.

Louisville Slugger TPS was the first bat maker to recognize that stiffness and strength equals power and performance. It revolutionized fastpitch, slow pitch softball and amateur baseball with its hi-tech stiff handle technology and strong alloys and composites, first with the popular Catalyst® models.

Then came the Exogrid, the stiffest handled bat made until now. TPS’s newest bat, the H2 Hybrid, is even stiffer, giving serious players a great new power and performance bat option.


The Louisville Slugger TPS Fastpitch H2 Hybrid bat (FP9H2) is a minus 10 (-10) bat available in five lengths ranging from 30 inches to 34 inches (30 in., 31 in., 32 in., 33 in., 34 in.) and corresponding -10 weights (20 oz., 21 oz., 22 oz., 23 oz., 24 oz.).

The FP9H2 has a balanced swing weight, rolled end cap, synthetic grip, and 7/8 inch standard handle. It is ASA approved.

Suggested retail for the TPS Fastpitch H2 (FP9H@) H2 Hybrid bat is $299.95.

About Louisville Slugger®
Louisville Slugger® is the Official Bat of Major League Baseball and is a name that is synonymous with America’s pastime. Originating in 1884, Louisville Slugger bats graced the hands of the greatest players in baseball history including Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, and Hank Aaron, to name a few. Stars of today also swing Louisville Slugger bats including Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, and Ken Griffey, Jr. Louisville Slugger also makes TPX® baseball equipment for college, high school, and youth players, as well as TPS® equipment for slow-pitch and fastpitch softball. Louisville Slugger is a brand of the Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a fifth generation family-owned business that also sells PowerBilt® golf clubs and Bionic® Gloves for a variety of sports and hobbies.

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