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LOUISVILLE , KY – The word nexus has two distinct definitions. One is a form of connection. The other is the center of something. Now a new high-tech X-1 composite bat from Louisville Slugger ® TPS ® called Nexus™ is helping slow pitch sluggers center the ball and make a powerful connection.

Nexus brings Louisville Slugger’s advanced X-1 composite technology used in the Catalyst™ baseball and fastpitch softball bats to the slow pitch diamond. Whether it’s a line drive through the left side that brings in a run or a deep blast out of the park, Nexus™ supplies hitters with the connection they need to be the center of their team’s run production. Nexus™ will not only change the way players think about softball bats, but will also change the mindset in slow pitch because of its optimum combination of performance and durability.


Louisville Slugger has long been the standard-setter for performance for softball bat technology. Today, Louisville Slugger is raising that standard even higher with the most advanced bat technology it has introduced to date.

That X-1 composite technology has produced the Louisville Slugger TPS Nexus It is made from multiple layers of 100 percent aerospace grade graphite which are embedded in a specially designed toughened epoxy resin. Each layer is precisely positioned at an angle determined by Louisville Slugger’s exclusive computer-designed pattern. That’s what makes Nexus perform so well and also gives it great durability.

Everything from the bat design to the equipment used to manufacture the bat was developed by the Louisville Slugger Composites Research & Development Lab. Controlling every aspect of design and manufacturing ensures that every bat is consistently produced to Louisville Slugger’s high-quality standards.

The X-1 Nexus comes in two models. Both the SB71N and SB72N are available in 34-inch lengths with weight ranges from 26 to 30 ounces. Both have 12-inch barrels and a synthetic grip, 7/8-inch standard handle. The two Nexusmodels are also approved for use by the USSSA, NSA, ISF and ISA. The SB71N is approved for ASA play while the SB72N is not ASA approved.

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