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LOUISVILLE, KY (June 25, 2010) –Talent can only take a hitter so far in baseball.  It’s hard work that gets him to the next level and beyond.  The best and most talented hitters in the game know that consistent success at the plate comes from on-going training and constant preparation. 

No company in baseball knows hitting better than Louisville Slugger®, makers of the highest quality bats for 126 years and the Official Bat of Major League Baseball®.  New to the Louisville Slugger 2011 product lineup are three training bats to help serious hitters keep getting better.  The Weighted Training Bat (model TRBWY), 22” One-Hand Training Bat (model TRB22Y) and the 18” One-Hand Training Bat (model TRB18B) help hitters in a variety of ways.  These bats: 

  • assist hitters in staying behind the ball during the swing and keeping hands inside the ball.
  • strengthen hands, wrists and forearms.
  • develop the path of swing, bat control and pulling hands through the zone.
  • develop a short, compact stroke which increases power.
  • develop swing muscle memory.
  • develop proper slot position during the swing.

The new Weighted Training Bat is a versatile, all-in-one full-size heavy training bat that, at 43-44 ounces, eliminates the need for several different warm-up and training bats.  Drills that can be conducted with the Weighted Training Bat include:  off-field strengthening and stretching exercises for the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, and oblique muscles; on-field, on-deck warm-up bat; Tee drills with regulation baseballs; Soft-toss drills with regulation baseballs; Batting practice with regulation baseballs.

The 22” One-Hand Training Bat is a new bat with a regulation size barrel.  It’s an excellent training bat for one-handed hitting drills on a Tee with regulation baseballs as well as for top or bottom hand soft-toss drills with training or regulation baseballs.  The 18” One-Hand Training bat features a regulation barrel that can be used for similar drills as the 22-inch version.

In addition, the 28” Two-Hand or One-Hand Training Bat (model P89B) includes a regulation barrel and is an excellent bat for drills on a tee with regulation baseballs or for top or bottom hand soft-toss drills with training or regulation baseballs. 

All four Louisville Slugger training bats have a suggested retail price of $39.95, a small price to improve your hitting.

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