Slow Pitch

Composite & Aluminum Bats

Built with the same level of precision and dedication as all Louisville Slugger bats, the Slow Pitch line is designed to deliver powerful bats with innovative and trendsetting designs. That’s why many of the best hitters in Slow Pitch swing Slugger and no one else.

Performance Technology

Discover the performance technology that goes into our Slow Pitch bats.

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The First-Ever 3-Piece Slow Pitch Bat

The most powerful bat in Slow Pitch is here! Using updated technology and our patented TRU3 three-piece connection, the Z-3000 delivers maximum sting elimination, positive feedback, unparalleled performance out of the wrapper and a trampoline-like bounce on every swing.

Z-3000 Balanced

Z-3000 Balanced (USSSA) SBZ314-UB

Z-3000 End Load

Z-3000 End Load (USSSA) SBZ314-UE

Z-3000 Balanced – ASA

Z-3000 Balanced (ASA) SBZ314-AB

Z-3000 End Load – ASA

Z-3000 End Load (ASA) SBZ314-AE


Elite Slow Pitch Bat

Are you ready for elite Slow Pitch play? Then take up the Z-2000. The Z-2000 100% Composite design allows us to layer the bat with thinner, high-strength walls for a lighter swing weight, better performance and lasting durability. The iST barrel-to-handle connection gives players maximum performance.

Z-2000 Balanced

Z-2000 Balanced (USSSA) SBZ215U-B


Z-2000 End Load

Z-2000 End Load (USSSA) SBZ215U-E


Z-2000 Balanced – ASA

Z-2000 Balanced (ASA) SBZ215A-B


Z-2000 End Load – ASA

Z-2000 End Load (ASA) SBZ215A-E



Powerful Composite Design

This one-piece, 100% composite bat features new technology and a 0.5oz end-load to give hitters a little extra power behind their swing. Inside lies a multilayer composite design that is designed to provide maximum durability and exceptional rebound. Handle stiffness and barrel flexibility are optimized to provide maximum batted ball speed.


Sonic+ SBSN15U