0000 Most of the aluminum / composite bats we produce are covered by an industry best, one-year limited warranty, from the original date of purchase. However, throughout the years we have produced some bats that do not carry a warranty.

Your selection indicates that your bat falls into one of the categories listed below. Therefore, it is a non-warranty bat. Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist you in returning this particular bat. If you have any further questions, please contact:

Louisville Slugger Warranty Department
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Eastern time
1-800-282-BATS (2287)

These bats fall into three categories:

  1. "X" or "N" stamped on the knob identifies an"EXP" / "ADVANCED PLAYER" / "NO WARRANTY" Bats: These bats are produced with ultra-thin walls to provide maximum hitting results. We know that these bats will have a shorter life cycle compared to some of our other models, but we have found that many players want the very best performance that they can get. These bats are normally marked either PLAYER or NO-WARRANTY on the barrel of the bat.

  2. "B" on the knob identifies a Cosmetically Blemished or "Blem" Bat: Blem bats usually have a paint or finish imperfection and are sold to dealers at discounted rates.

  3. "U" on the knob identifies a Used Metal Bat: Used metal bats have been used and returned to Louisville Slugger. However, after examination, the bats test out structurally sound and are sold to dealers at discounted rates.

  4. "P" on the knob identifies sponsored player bats: These are bats given to our sponsored teams and players. Since they are donated they do not come with a warranty.

  5. "R" on the knob identifies a replaced bat: These are the bats that are sent to customers as a warranty replacement. These bats fulfill the remainder of the original warranty.